Facts about Gautama Budhha

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    1. Yes, that’s what I think too! Buddha’s technique really helps to gain a peaceful mind and only peaceful mind can achieve real life

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  3. This site is incredibly misleading and attributes quotes to the Buddha that the Buddha had beer said. Some in fact contradict each other and they are all quotes from other “spiritual teachers”. It even says Buddhism is a religion (it is) then it says it is not a religion. (It is). The Buddha would have never wanted to start a religion. It also says he is a common man right after it talks about him walking around his palace. Common men don’t have palaces. Someone even implied that following Buddha and becoming enlightened is easy. It is not. To give up desires to end suffering is quite difficult, it even becomes paradoxical for some monks who desire so much to become enlightened they develope a whole new ego about it which keeps them firmly in the realm of the material. The Buddha is probably one of the greatest and smartest people to walk the earth and while being nice and kind is important for all people, instilling a false sense of spirituality that is incredibly ego-centric is harmful to humankind as a whole. Thanks I guess.

    1. Thanks for such a beautiful thought. The command man means a man with no unusual powers, what I mean was he discovered many things in his life through deep research which cost him his entire life and he shared his knowledge to take this world to better version.

    2. If you are born into wealth it is easier to understand the Buddha being able to spend hours contemplating – presumably in comfort and being fed and sheltered. A tough life for anyone who is poor – although nothing to abandon if you have nothing – but then have to beg for food and shelter – which the poorest probably did anyway. and then declaring yourself “a holy man”, and possibly abandoning your family, the populace reveers you and feeds and clothes you fairly well. You can then wander about as a holy man and not contribute to the well being of others in a practical way. Same in many “religions” with “holy men”

  4. Buddhism is Demonic and God, our creator, hates it when anyone tries to steal the glory that is rightly his.

    I’m sorry that you are deceived by dark entities posing as light ones.
    The ONLY truth God wants all humans to know is in the Holy Bible King James Version.
    All humans must believe in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ or they will be in hell for all eternity..
    Most of humanity has been blinded.
    I come with the truth. I think most, if not all, of you who read this WILL NOT heed my warnings and, sadly, you may have greater condemnation.
    The Holy Bible refutes EVERYTHING about Buddhism
    SELF is EVIL.

    1. Hey Ron!

      I want to run something by you. Share your thoughts:

      What does apocalypse really mean?

      The correct meaning of the English word apocalypse is ‘unveiling’ or ‘lifting of the veil’. It implies the uncovering of something previously hidden, though possibly known to a minority. Modern usage tends to derive from biblical connotations or disaster movies, though for the most part these ideas are a conflation with another word ‘armageddon’, which porteds the end of mankind or the world itself.
      What does the Apocalype really mean? | Billy Graham .

      “Lifting of the veil”, might also apply to when you discover a new truth in spite of past beliefs.

      I’m going to send a video.. From what I know, it’s a fair 101 presentation of “what” happened. A little weak on the selfish “why” and for what purpose. That would the 404 course.

      Read it with the clarity that they falsly interchanged the terms, “Christian” and “Church” without noting the differences between true early Christians who had converted from the 3 forms of Judaism, (and held “Church” in secret as to not get killed) and the Catholic individuals bound by Catholic doctrine, and the formal declarations made by the self appointed Catholic “Church” higher ups. It’s a big distincition. Understand; hard to find history reveals true Christians continued to be persecuted and killed by Rome for another 120 years after Jesus.
      Then along comes the Roman ruler of the area, Constantine, and “converts” to “christianity”, but the Roman Catholic version.

      What you won’t find in most commentaries unless you dig, Constantine had a little “Persian” problem. He knew that alone he could not defeat the Persians. (who surprizingly held many simular beliefs that Jesus taught) The Israelites, Jews and true Christians couldn’t defeat them alone. Persia had conqured and enslaved the Israelites about 600 years before Jesus and they weren’t looking forward to it happening again.
      They teamed up and got Sunday off along with their Sabbath.

      When you listen how “they” selected the books to compose the Bible as we know it, be aware of who “they” were, and are. Christians did not select the books. The Roman Catholic Bishops and Cardinals did.

      “When you control the information, you can tell them what you want.”

      I am on no mission here with you. Not even that smart. Just old with a curiousity and a decent memory.


      Your thoughts?


  5. There is GOD The Father, There is Jesus Christ ( Son Of God as claimed.And the third is the spirit ( Holy Ghost). I am not christian and donot claim to be any scholar. When Jesus was born there were humans who had existed for thousands of years. So to say that jesus created man or woman seems to be not true. . God is the supreme being and GOD is the one we believe created and creates human life even now.
    This comment has a question also: What exactly is HOLY GHOST? Is it the opposite of Devil? or a combined Spitirit of the various angels?
    Recetly I read about scientific study-Chicken hens started to lay fertile eggs.
    without ever being near a rooster. My second question Is; Why all humans have to accept Jesus the saviour , be burried to ahieve salvation. What about all the millions and millions of humans who came before Jesus? 2021 years is a small fraction of all the time since humans came to be.? These are serious questions and I hope for a thoughtful answer.

    1. Investigate the LDS church. They have answers for that. But don’t fall for answers from it’s critics, as they will distort it.