Ghodaghodi Lake – A Perfect Guide to Enjoy Your Trip


Ghodaghodi Lake known as Ghodaghodi Tal is a  Ramsar site located in Ghodaghodi municipality of the Kailali District of Mahakali Zone Sudurpaschim Pradesh (Province No.7) Nepal. It covers an area of 25.63 sq.Km. It is the wetland Lake area with a  depth of 13 ft and surface elevation of 205 m.

The lake was enlisted in designated as a world heritage site on August 13, 2003. Ghodaghodi Tal is a freshwater lake filled with a variety of aquatic plants like a lotus. The lake is rich in natural biodiversity and is mainly a bird conservation area.

Ghodaghodi Lake Area consists of more than 14 mini ponds and lakes and forests distributed around the lakes. The area is the inhabitant of more than 30 mammal species and 140 bird species including many endangered species. More than 470 plant species are found in the Ghodaghodi Lake Area including aquatic plants and many endangered species of plants.

Ramsar Sites- What are They?

A Ramsar Site is a wetland site designated to be of international importance under the Ramsar Convention. Ramsar Convention is an intergovernmental environmental treaty established in 1971 by UNESCO, which came into force in 1975. It provides for national action and international cooperation regarding the conservation of wetlands and wise sustainable use of their resources. It is a treaty made internationally for the conservation of wetlands around the globe. The convention was signed in 1971  in the city of Ramsar in Iran, so that’s how it got the name Ramsar Convention more on Wikipedia.

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There are altogether 9 Ramsar sites in Nepal including Ghodaghodi Lake.

S.NoRamsar SitesDistrictRatification dateArea (ha)ZoneAttitude (m)
1.Koshi Tappu 13/08/0317500Terai90
2.Jagadishpur ReservoirKapilvastu13/08/03225Terai195
3.Ghodaghodi Lake AreaKailali13/08/032,563Terai205
4.Beeshazari and Associated LakesChitwan13/08/033,200Terai285
5.Rara LakeMugu23/09/071,583Himal2990
6.Phoksundo LakeDolpa23/09/07494Himal3610
7.Gosaikunda and Associated LakesRasuwa23/09/071,030Himal4700
8.Gokyo and Associated LakesSolukhumbu23/09/077,770Himal5000
9.Mai PokhariIlam 90Midhill2100

source:National  Lake conservation Comitte Nepal

How You can get to Ghodaghodi Lake?

You can get to Ghodaghodi lake from Kathmandu by two means. The first one is quick and short. Though you might not have a good life remembering experience but you can get there at a short interval of time. Another way to get there is by bus exploring each and every part of Nepal.

Things you can  do around Ghodaghodi Tal

1. Exploring the beauty of the Lake

As the Ghodaghodi Lake covers an area of  25.63 sq.Km so the best you can do watching around the lake exploring the wetland and enjoying the peaceful harmonic environment with your family and relations.

2. Birdwatching

Birdwatching around the lake exploring the verity of birds at the sunset is another thing you can do in the Ghodaghodi lake.

3. Exploring Ghodaghodi Lake Area

As Ghodaghodi Lake Area consists of many mini ponds and lakes and forests so you can enjoy the naturally beautiful environment around some rarely found animal species and plants.

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