Nagarjun Temple Baitadi

Nagaarjun temple

The historical name of the Baitadi District is “Bairath ”.It is a part Province No. 7 of Nepal. The district headquarter is Dasharathchand The temple is located about 20 kilometers in the southwest from headquarter. The temple Kedar is a great historical place for people living in this region. It is believed that the place was made in remembrance of God who saved the village from many bad souls, evils and some other disasters. But nowadays they are transforming into modern houses due to the lack of awareness in this region. Before 15 years this temple used to be in their traditional style and some were just made of trees and only stone. But now all there remade with cement, stones and are painted with different paint. But no one has paid a little attention to save these places. 

Even people don’t pay attention to save these places. Although people of this region are religious they do not want to protect these places. About 1500 peoples live around this place and place is somehow a little different from other historical places of Nepal. Around 10000 of people per year visits this place to worship the god. The place has its own great history which not even converted in the text. The people transfer this knowledge generation to generation


About this place :

Average temperature: 20 °C

Snowfall here during winters.
Heavy rainfall during summer.
Only old aged people wear traditional clothes.
85% of people are involved in Agriculture.
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