Temples are Being Destroyed in Baitadi Nepal

Nagarjun Temple

Baitadi is a district of far western Nepal. This district contains many historical sites such as temples. These sites are being destroyed or reconstructed in modern designs rather than ancient designs. The temples are around 500-1000 years old with ancient architecture and ancient design. But by 2013 these temples are being reconstructed with modern style apart from the ancient one. Due to which the traditional culture of this place at danger. According to the peoples of this region, temples ware reconstructed in modern style because it was very difficult to stay at night in the temple during winter for the rituals and celebration of festivals. As people of this region believe that if someone stays here without having food for about 7 days then god will fulfil their wish. Before 10 years this temple used to be in their ancient design with a beautiful look. As most of the temples were just made with only stone in a specific design and temples were used to be covered by a bunch of trees. But now all the temples are reconstructed with cement, stones and are painted with a different colour. Nowadays the temples look like a house building rather than a holy place and source of peace love and blessings. But no one has paid a little attention to save these places even local government. even people don’t pay attention to save these places although people are religious they do not want to protect these places.

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The Motive Behind the Destruction of Temples:

  • Around 70 % of people are illiterate so they don’t know how important historical sites are for the country.
  •  A lack of awareness about the importance of historical places.
  • People above the age of 40 are uneducated which results that they do not want to listen about the importance of these places from youngers. 
  • As 85% of people of this region are involved in agriculture so most of the young ages are jobless therefore they misuse the budget provided by the government in the reconstruction of these historical ornaments for their higher profit.
  •  Lack of attention to UNESCO World Heritage and local government.
  • Lack of resources from which the temples are made up so people have to rebuild them by modern resources like cement.


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