11 Best Free Travel apps You Should use While Traveling in Nepal

Have you ever thought about travelling to Nepal? Well if you have then that’s wonderful. I really appreciate your tone of selection.

I think it’s important to take a look at your smartphone and install some useful travelling apps that might help you travel around the country with the most legitimate and traditional cultures. These apps might make your journey much more adventurous and exciting.
But it is also important to make a good selection of the app to use while travelling around Nepal’s marvellous hills, magnificent villages, glorious ponds and beautiful forests.
I know you are good at making choices but let me help you with this. So to boost your travel experience to the infinity we have come up with the list of 13 free travel apps you might find helpful while travelling in Nepal.

11 Necessary Travel Apps to Install While Traveling in Nepal


1. Nepal Travel Guide by Triposo

The app contains city guides for Kathmandu, Pokhara, Mount Everest, Bhaktapur and some other travel destinations of Nepal. As the app is offline which makes it easy for you to navigate even when you don’t have a good internet connection. Ultimately the app suggests you everything about travelling to some major tourist destination of Nepal and even Book hotels and tours in Nepal directly from the app.
The app contains a Weather forecast feature which helps you to decide where to go based on climatic conditions.
Nepal Travel Guide by Triposo

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2. Nepal Travel Guide Offline

As Nepal Travel Guide Offline is an offline app which recommends detailed articles around the country based on the user location. Though most of the app content is similar to the web but the feature of offline availability makes it useful.
So the app seems much useful when you are planning to visit the ruler area of Nepal.
Nepal travel offline

Download: Nepal Travel Guide Offline



3. Tootle Nepal

If you are planning to explore the whole Kathmandu valley and its beautiful monuments than yous should use this app. Tootle is a ride-sharing company that might help you to save you time while travelling inside the Kathmandu valley.
Unfortunately, Tootle is only available inside the Kathmandu valley but it can really help you in teleporting from one place to another on a bike.
tootle Nepal
Download Tootle: click here


4. SubhaYatra – Travel Nepal Catalogue | Visit Nepal

This app provides some cool features like Helicopter/Flights/Vehicles Booking. It can help you with choosing Hotels, Travel Agents and Guides. Features like Quick Chat and Travel Support might be somewhat helpful to you while travelling around Nepal
SubhaYatra - Travel Nepal Catalogue


5.  Google Translate

Well, Google translate is available in almost every smartphone these days but it’s my duty to remind you that you might not have internet access in some places and it’s important to understand the local language in order to make navigation easy.
So make sure you google translate is available offline for required languages. The app will be much more useful if you are a solo traveller and if you are likely to explore rural destinations.


6. Foodmandu

Foodmandu will make sure you will get whatever food you want and wherever you want. This app will be much helpful to food lover person who doesn’t want to bother in order to get his favourite dish.
Availability: Only Kathmandu valley
Download: Foodmandu

7.  FlowerChecker

FlowerChecker is a great app that will help you to identify each and every plant you got on your way.
Its great app for differentiating plant species.
If you are plant lover make sure it’s installed on your smartphone.

Download: FlowerChecker


8. Nepal Offline Map and Travel Trip Guide (for iPhone and iPad)

For iPhone and iPad users, I would recommend downloading the Nepal Offline Map and Travel Trip Guide at the very best postion. It contains detailed offline map that will help you to navigate around a different part of Nepal.
This is the must-have travelling app for IOS users.


9. HoneyGuide

HoneyGuide is Nepal very first app related to trekking in Nepal. If you want to track on your own then you should go and download this app right now. It provides you direct feature to book your trek and availability to use offline makes it much easier to trek on your own.

You can have much more benefits from their agency and website which directly helps you in booking flights organizing your tours.
Visit: honeyguideapps.com


10. Yeti calls for Finding Yeti

As by the name if you are in Nepal in hope to find yeti and identify them. This app will make it easier for you in finding Yeti.
Contains 12 yeti sounds which you can play on your speaker through Bluetooth.
Download: Yeti  here


11. Google Maps

Everyone has got google maps on their smartphone but I will strongly suggest to update the app and make sure that the map of Nepal is available offline.
This is an alternative to some of the above map-related apps and you can really use it if you don’t want to install any applications.
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