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you can get all the information about Nepal its history its greatness Know Nepal better Know its history, about its places, its Origin, Culture, Traditions, Festivals, Lifestyle of Nepalese people, Natural Diversity, Historical journey, and Historical Places. we bring interesting information about Nepal and some beautiful but unknown places of Nepal located in rural areas.  

KnowNepal provides rural areas to work on and against bad traditional culture norms values. Mainly our website works on the culture, history, and tradition of people living in the different parts of Nepal Nepal district of Sudurpaschip region of Nepal. It is a little different in culture and living style. Also the website research about the tradition of people living in Baitadi.We work on the lifestyle of people of Nepal and different rural parts of it. We also work on the history and historical places inside the Baitadi. Baitadi district contains hundreds of temples and more than 25 different casts of people living in it which have their own culture. We visit these places and provides a description of them.  Most of those places are in their extinction condition so we work on them and help people of those places rebuilding them.

About author

The author of this website is Amit and Keshav Pant from Nepal. You can contact us by the contact form provided on the contact us page or you can mail us at [email protected]. If you are not satisfied with my content or need any help or anything you can contact me through the contact form or by email too.