10 Top Surprising Facts About Nepal

Nepal is a nation located in south Asia and known for its greatest Himalayan mountains and temples. Nepal is a land of natural diversity and the majestic Himalayas.

Top 10 Intresting Facts About Nepal

  1. The highest mountain in the planet lies in this country: Nepal is categorized into three geographic regions Mountain region, Hilly region and Terai region(plane area). Mount Everest(8848m) located in solukhumbu district(mountain region) of Nepal which attracts thousands of climbers per year. Locally the mountain is known as also Sagarmatha which is a Nepali word that means world highest.
  2. The official working week of Nepal is Sunday-Friday: Though most of the countries have working week Monday-Friday Nepal is different in this too Nepal has only official day of rest which is Saturday
  3. The flag of Nepal is the only non-square or non-rectangle flag in the world: The flag of Nepal is also known as the most mathematical flag because the making process of flag is mathematically very difficult. Read meaning of Nepalese flag
Flag of Nepal
  1. Nepal contains top 8 mountains of the world among top 10 mountains of the world: Mount Everest(8448 m),Mount Kanchenjunga(8586m is 3rd highest peak of the world),Mount Lhotse:- 8516 m(4th  highest peak of the world),Mount Makalu:- 8463m (5th  highest peak of the world ),Mount Cho Oyu:- 8201m (i6th highest peak of the world ),Mount Dhaulagiri: – 8167 m ( is 7th highest peak of the world ),Mount Manaslu: – 8163 m(8th  highest peak of the world ),Mount Annapurna:- 8091 m(10 th highest peak of the world )
  2. Nepal is the only one country in the world that has been never colonized: Nepal was never colonized by any country of the world. During the 18th century, the British tried to conquer Nepal but certainly failed due to many reasons. Later during the war between Nepal and Britain Nepal loosed its some parts but Britain were unable to take control over Nepal 
  3. Nepal has its own calendar which is about 57 years ahead of the English Georgian calendar: Most of the country in the world follows the English calendar but Nepal has its own called Bikram Sambhad. The English calendar is also used but Nepali one is widely and nationally used.
  4. Gautam buddha know as the light of Asia were born in Nepal : Siddhartha Gautama also widely know as Gautam Buddha the light of Asia was born in Nepal. Though in the past Indian government tried to fake this by creating a copy of the Lumbini birthplace of Lord Buddha in India but now this controversy between Nepal and India has been settled.
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  1. The man who climbed Mount Everest for the first time was from Nepal:Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and  Sir Edmund Hillary climbed Mount Everest for the first time . Tenzing Norgay Sherpa belonged to Nepal.
  2. Nepal has six seasons:Basanta Ritu(Spring), Grishma Ritu(Early Summer) ,Barkha Ritu(Summer Monsoon season) ,Sharas Ritu(Early Autumn), Hemanta Ritu(Late Autumn) ,Shishir Ritu(Winter) which are six seasons of Nepal.

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