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  1. Hi
    Impressed with some of the surprising events of the past.

    For the Roman Empire to have lasted for about 14 centuries. it would seem incredible but there must be something that keeps them going for so long. Present Italy however is not in good shape – and they need to rise again and not just in football

    About 75-200 million deaths savaged the world during the “Black Death” Oh! how they coped – We can learn some lessons not just technical stuff but things like faith, patience, perseverance etc

    Love some of the other details like urine was consumed in Ancient Rome – thought this was happening only in India. This seems like a validation and if could be proven safe with modern technology it could be used to help shortage of water .


      1. Correction: urine that is collected via a sterile urinary catheter using sterile technique is considered sterile. Once urine touches the body parts during urination, it is no longer sterile.

        1. But urine while coming out of body, no track of it is exposed to out side atmosphere, where it can get contaminated, then how come urine is not sterile? How about sperm, which is collected for medical test is as live and even counted as it’s directly ejaculated into womb! Where does logic fail?-MRRAO.

        2. What you described is a clean catch, not contaminated by outside sources. Urine itself is not sterile. It can contain bacteria. It is one of the body’s waste products.

        3. But the gal bladder is also a body part,plus the urethra ,I guess the word body part ruins the whole thing ukw!

    1. Nineteenth Century historian John Fiske observed that the continuous authority that constituted the essence of the Roman Empire, extended to any country in the chain of authority that named its ruler “Caesar” or “Czar.” In that line of thinking, the last vestiges of the Roman Empire didn’t end until the murder of Czar Nicholas and his family in 1919, as part of the Russian Revolution.

      1. Actually, Bulgaria’s ruler was also referred to as the Tsar/Czar, so if you wish to take said suggestion even further to Simeon II in 1946.

  2. for the author of this article very strange sense of humour if he considers that to outlive two nuclear bombardments is funny. Did not he want will have fun so with the children?

  3. I wonder if my math is a bit wonky. Rome lasted over 14 centuries? From 31 B.C. to 476 A.D.? So a ‘century’ is about 36 years, 2 months and 20 days long?

      1. There was a Roman Republic before the Empire which started in about 27 B.C. The Roman Empire did end in 476 A.D., though the Eastern Empire, known as the Byzantine Empire lasted until around 1453 A.D. If you combine the two, you do get about 1400 years.

      2. my computer screen even says — somewhere — 14000 years. you would do well to use a native american-english-speaking editorial assistant-proofreader.

          1. With all due respect, your English grammar and choice of vocabulary needs a lot of work. Keep practising and accept criticism.

          2. You don’t know did not mean it to say exactly what he wrote! What are you, some kind of magical superhuman clairvoyant mind reader!?! He most likely did not misspell a damn thing and wanted it to be exactly as he wrote it! Tell us all WonderOracle Diviner-Soothsayer, oh do tell us all what I did and thought about from 8:15 pm to 11:07 pm on the 22nd of August 2021? Surely YOU MUST KNOW!

          3. I imagine that your assessment is correct, as “no bius” did not reply to your comment after almost two years. However, when I first saw that, I assumed that it was intentional, as many people have unusual usernames. I saw it as meaning the equivalent of “no by-us,” which has its own suggested intent, as in “not by us,” in the sense of being objective. That would have been clever.

      3. If as some historians do, include THE REPUBLIC AND THE eastern BYZANTINE EMPIRE as merely a continuation IN EITHER DIRECTION, THEN THE ROMAN EMPIRE LASTED FOR APPROXIMATELY, (NOW REMEMBER THE EMPIRE was split into 2 halves) the western empire collapsed in the wake of the tribal disturbances, you could argue that the ROMAN empire last for 1700 years….

    1. Obviously, he meant to include the Eastern Roman Empire, which survived until 1453 (not to mention the Roman Kingdom/Republic, which had its mythical origin in 753BC).

  4. Caligula never made Incitatus a senator; he merely threatened to make his horse a consul (which is different than a senator) to illustrate his perceived ineptitude toward the Senate.

    And I’m sorry, while it’s a good list there are a lot of spelling and grammatical errors in it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. Yes, agree on all the errors of various sorts. This badly needed proof reading by someone knowledgeable, such as ourselves.

    2. Completely agree. Lots of examples of non-sense.
      This list probably breaks the record for combining illiteracy and errors with fascinating/compelling if true, facts
      Maurice Brasher

    1. Edison was credited with” inventing” many things, but he just took credit for most of the new inventions since he was the owner of Edison Lab , which employed some very talented people.

    2. And like many of Edison (supposed) inventions Edison was founder and head of The Edison Labitory, which employed hundreds of researchers that were the actual inventors. Edison calmed all of the inventions because he owned the intellectual property rights to everything produced by his lab.

    3. Everyone knows it, and yet Canada’s Patent #3738 quietly, stubbornly disagrees. It was filed in 1874 by Toronto’s Mathew Evans and Henry Woodward, for the invention of an electric light.
      ( from CBC.ca website)

  5. Thank you very much… but the Roman Empire is generally considered to have lasted from 27 BC to 476 AD. Which gives it a lifetime of 503 years. Even if you used the year 31 BC it still lasted 507 years but not over 1000 years as you state in this article.
    If you on the other hand choose to consider the fall of Constantinople in 1453 AD as the end of the Roman Empire you can safely say it lasted almost a millennium and a half.

  6. Lots of things up for debate, I think especially the post about the greatest gathering of intelligence. I shall resume this topic at a later date. With notes and what not, but I think it’s pretty clear that the greatest gathering of intelligence lacks diversity justifiably. Asian countries are not represented whatsoever. Unless an argument is made that asian countries were not as intelligent as their counterparts, that is provable, then I think the post is just silly.

    1. If the Asians are missing then it doesn’t mean it couldn’t be greatest gathering. I believe Asian countries are equally intelligence but what makes this gathering greatest among all is the presence of highest number of greatest scientist of the century. The gathering would have been much more beautiful if more scientist would have been there but still such high level of gathering has never been repeated in history and that’s what it makes greatest.

      1. I would refer to it as “The greatest gathering of knowledge” as knowledge does not mean intelligence, I have known many people with great knowledge but no intelligence & I have known people with no academic qualifications but very intelligent on a practical level.

  7. You can say the Roman Republic/Empire lasted nearly 2000 years! The Roman Republic began in 500 BC after overthrowing an Etruscan Kingdom. Unfortunately, the assassination in 44 BC of Julius Caesar, an autocratic Roman general and counsel who played a critical role in the events that led to the demise of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire under the leadership of Augustus, the first emperor.

      1. mostly they make us argue about how long their Empire lasted ……… but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?

      2. Most European roads today were built by the Romans, the aqua-viaducts still in use today, supply the towns waters along the way, Named London as Londinium, built the Colosseum with a cement mixture that can’t be replicated today, as cities fall around the World, due to earthquakes, the Colosseum is still standing today

  8. You can say the Roman Republic/Empire lasted nearly 2000 years! The Roman Republic began in 500 BC after overthrowing an Etruscan Kingdom. Unfortunately, the assassination in 44 BC of Julius Caesar, an autocratic Roman general and counsel who played a critical role in the events that led to the demise of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire under the leadership of Augustus, the first emperor.

  9. Glad to know that Adolph Hitler’s nomination was meant as a joke! Hopefully the one for Donald Trump was also meant as a joke

  10. Mark Lin’s comment is interesting and I have two thoughts on the subject:

    First, JFK, hosting a hundred or so Nobel Prize Winners at the White House in the early 1960’s, told his guests that they represented the greatest assembly of genius since Thomas Jefferson once dined there alone.

    Second– The photo in 1927 only claims to be a collection of the greatest scientists of that period or century. And it lacked “Diversity” because most of the world’s people were living in oppressed nations and never had a chance to explore new ideas. In the early 20th C and throughout the 19th C, almost all scientific advances in the world were made by Americans and Western Europeans because only they were free to think and act constructively. In the 20th C as more people around the world gained a degree of freedom they joined the scientific advance–think of Japan. S. Korea, Singapore, Israel. And the greatest collection of scientists may have been in ancient Greece when Aristotle, Archimedes, Socrates, and Pythagorus were charting new knowledge for mankind. Diversity is over-rated. And there are few racial inequalities in intelligence. Talent and knowledge is key in science! All races are roughly equal but they need an accumulated body of know-how and the freedom the learn it and use it.

    Also, governments have to allow for genius to be freely developed. One of the “facts” tells us that under Prohibition, “In 1926 the government of the US decided to poison alcohol When people continued to consume alcohol despite its banning. Stat’s show that more than ten thousand peoples died due to the consumption of such alcohol.”

    That fact underscores the need for freedom–without oppressive government mandates. In America today, the government is returning to such mandates–as if the elites in Washington are wise enough to impose such ludicrous rules on our people, We should be laying down the rules for our elites–not the other way around!

  11. Like black people say, they are the real Hebrew Israelites or Jews and it is likely they were used to build the pyramids.

  12. Viking helmets with horns were found as votive offering. That means they were used in ceremonies to honor their gods.

  13. great fun reading these 41 facts.
    You would do well to enlist the help of an american-english-speaking proofreader/editorial assistant.
    [hundreds of small errors]
    regards — Mo

  14. It’s amazing that Roman Empire, headquartered in such a small country, ruled the world for such a long period of time.

    It’s interesting to learn that the most successful pirate was a Chinese female (Ching Shih), commanding 1,800 ships and a crew of 80,000 people. Thanks

  15. Adolf Hitler was NOT nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
    He was recommended by Erik Gottfrid Christian Brandt(A Member of national assemblies who can nominate candidates for the Peace Prize), who argued later that it was sarcasm, but still underwent total condemnation.

  16. It would have been good for someone to proofread this material before publishing it. Having so many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors makes it look a bit amateurish!

  17. If you want to talk about science, stick to science. “Typical Chinese cold-bloodedness”?
    You’re an effing racist!

  18. Did you know that “Killer Whales (Orca) are not Whales ? They share DNA with a Dolphin. They travel in “PODS” like Dolphins do. That is why they are ‘trainable” at places like SEA WORLD

  19. Referring to to the Democracy story. I think you’ll find that the word democracy is actually two words put together. Demos and Kratos which roughly translates as Power of the People.
    Just being picky.
    Enjoy your article on history.

  20. Hitler had only one picture (of another person) on his desk in his desk. Do you know whom the picture was of?

    Answer: Mr. Henry Ford (The Original)

    There are claims that Ford kept a picture of Adolf as well however this as not confirmed (as far as I am aware).

  21. In the soviet union a man survived for 6 months drowned in a frozen lake when the ice broke while fishing … in the 1970 s

    Another man survived a bullet to his heart …

  22. Very good reading! Interresting! All the articles! But a little more elaboration would be more appreciated, instead of the condensed version.

  23. This, I believe, is the shortest war, at 21 minutes. “ On a chilly April afternoon in 1836, this strip of coastal prairie rang with the boom of cannon, crack of musket fire and shouts of “Remember the Alamo!” and “Remember Goliad!” Despite being outnumbered, General Sam Houston’s army of settlers, Tejanos and foreign volunteers decisively defeated General Antonio López de Santa Anna’s forces and won Texas’s independence.

  24. About how it wasn’t us Jews that built the Egyptian pyramids (although true), at that time, there were no Jews. Jews (members of the tribe of Judah, or later, residents of Judea) were first mentioned in the book of Esther, and many Israelites were not even from the tribe of Judah. Moses (peace and blessings upon Him) was a Levite.

  25. What an Awakening! This reading give me feelings of excitement happiness fear sadness hopeful & laughable but what really got my attention and the strongest feelings I had was Barry Marshall and his drinking of the pylori leaving me astonished.

  26. That others made it to America before Columbus is anecdotal – in fact, there were many millions of human beings in America when the vikings got there: it was some of those people who kicked the vikings out.

    What matters is that it was only after Columbus that a permanent communication and exchange of goods and ideas between the Old World and the New World was established.

  27. I totally enjoyed your whole collection of interesting facts .I love All things Egyptian & was unaware that Cleopatra married both of her brothers. Mr Khan was quite the man to have as many descendants as you listed . There really are so many things that can positively be saidThank you it was informative & tremenously enjoyable.

  28. If one studies all the great cultures of the world two facts seem to stay true… Average length 250 years. At their downfall sexual decay dominated the culture. America? We’re there…

  29. Thank you very much for this very captivating piece. I hope I have a story to suggest for except that I once read about a very distant star to which an ancient Peruvian tribe held a festival each time the star would presumably be in its orbit despite the fact that no one can see it. But I forgot the name of the star as well as the name of the tribe.

  30. Thank you for your research, fascinating! I enjoyed the piece, and in fact, shared #26 on my FB page…with the title and credit to you of course!

  31. Don’t know, half truths spotted here (you know we can fact check easy these days right ?), seems bit sensationalistic. About for instance the alcohol poisoning, maybe not leave out only the alcohol not meant for consumption but for industrial purposes or cleaning, that sort of thing where poisoned, and in a way it was known to the public it was not drinkable. Since it was used by bootleggers and others to circumvent the prohibition of it. Yet a lot still could not resist and indeed died. Still bad thing of course, but less so than is made to believe here. So doubting other ones mentioned here as well, that’s what you get from that. Especially A. Lincolns picture, that for real ?

  32. I would be much more inclined to share if this shit was edited by someone (a second grader, even). Having to reread once, twice, or sometimes thrice to figure out what we think you meant is a frustrating waste of time.

  33. I found this article to be a very interesting read. I was a little disappointed at people picking apart your article due to grammar etc. I appreciate the time and effort you have put into this article and wish you the best. Thank you ????

  34. I love history.Sadly some modern day schools are not teaching History lessons to their pupils as there views by certain quarters that learning History serves no purpose.How wrong they were.Without history,mankind does’t exist.Our very own life is a history by itself.History tells us how the world was moulded and taught us to live in a better world.So,hats off to all those historical buffs…

  35. Christopher Columbus used to capture 8 and 9 year old girls for his officers pleasure. It was known to be said that that particular age group was highly sought after.

    That is the sickest, most disgusting piece of fact about a man that was once considered the man that “discovered America”…. what a crock our leaders wanted us to believe…. saddest part of it all? The new information is written by the man himself! In one of his journals. Wow.

  36. Hey the Great Wall of China was never the biggest and largest war on earth the wall of Benin,Nigeria was the largest wall in the world which was destroyed and pull down by the British colony ????

  37. I enjoyed reading it’s short and its entertaining and hopefully informative too, i can’t really say that it’s accurately true but, i hope it is. It’s like walking through time and the travel was worth it. Thank you for compiling and sharing these pieces of historical information.

  38. I found your facts to be entertaining & very enlightening. Thanks I will be looking into your other I’m sure compelling facts

  39. I found this article interesting. Although grammatical accuracy saves lives, as seen in the example below, I thought the article was informative, without getting too detailed or technical; and fun! Good job!
    • Let’s eat, Grandpa!
    • Let’s eat Grandpa!

  40. It fascinating indeed ,war for 335 years without casualties and no death record it should be named RESURRECTED WAR

  41. I like what you present here. Most of the information you provide is new to me, and I learned a lot from you. The effort you make is appreciated and you are the heroes of knowledge.

  42. My thought is that the content is interesting but your inability to proofread your work makes you look like amateur hour.

  43. Fascinating! Thank you so much this is like the gift of an exciting launching pad I am so interested in and inspired to learn about these topics now! Totally cured my apathy, thank you!!!

  44. I found myself laughing to some of them, but frankly I found them fascinating
    Thank You for sharing such awesome information!

  45. that was enjoyable though I already knew of all you wrote about I’m a fan of history, though not often told in it’s real occurrences it’s understandable why so many today don’t know the true history of our existence, as quoted many times incorrectly,”history is written by the victor’s, honest Cleopatra was not all that beautiful a woman you know!

  46. Well I don’t know about you but my ancestors were unable to live together in peace and prosperity so they became the Masters of Murder and war and developed the ability to kill each other by the billions, .. true story.

    The highest potential of my long dead and perverted ancestors is the world we have today. A world of Eternal War filled with millions of starving children, uncountable homeless and destitute, where horrendous environmental disasters happen every minute of every day all for profit and their descendants are obviously too ignorant themselves to even be ashamed.

    My ancestors were the poor perverted people of the win/lose whose highest potential is Hell On earth.

    My ancestors sold me out for a privately owned “for profit” fiat currency sold to suckers “at interest” as their economy.

    My ancestors allowed some unknown and non-involved third party to screw them all their pitiless lives for the lies of this entities eternal and entitled profit. Not only screw them, but screw their descendants forever.

    My ancestors suffered a severe form of Self Inflicted Retardation called the win/lose mentality and then perverted their own children with it as civilised, sane, wise, and honorable.

    You can’t fix that kind of hardcore Self Inflicted Retardation and it’s a sin how that kind of S.I.R. fixes itself, … the poor children.

    Good luck

  47. Central America and the Caribbean islands are in the same continental shelf as the lands north: Mexico, USA and Canada; thus, Columbus did discover North America.

  48. A fun extra for the skipping of the days, every 400 years we skip the leap year, which would mean we should have skip it , but every 1000 years we don’t skip it to catch back up

  49. I don’t know why I feel compelled to say that I enjoyed your article, bad grammar and all. I’m just completely taken back by all of the people bitching about grammar. It may be a fact that not everybody is perfect, and you can be extremely intelligent and knowledgeable in many things, and still not perfect in all. I appreciate the time you put in the article and an even if a few things might’ve been wrong, it was interesting and I learned a few things that I didn’t know, so thank you. gRamer nAtziS should read articles about grammar..

  50. 32. … Reconquista was just the Name given by some catholics to a period which included several Wars, but also decades of tolerance and co-living in Iberia between Jewish people, Muslim Taifas (kingdoms) and Catholics Kingdoms.

    MOORS fighting were spanish, and most of them just adopted catholicism once the latter shown superior Military power.

    While catholic kingdoms advanced southward, Muslim Taifas were being fragmented. From initial Califato de Córdoba (stablished circa 711), which ruled from Gibraltar to France and translated every single book from ancient greek and latin to prevent their extintion; until last Muslim Kingdom of Granada was surrended to the Spanish Kingdom in 1492 (only then Spain was united as a single Kingdom), manda Things happened.

    I encourage you to read and dig deeper.

  51. Your grammar sucks! Your first sentence is totally moronic. It reads: ‘I left it empty so that we could know how much care about history’, is nonsensical & sophomoric! It should read, I left it empty, so that we could know how much you care about history. The second sentence reads: Share some of your facts and we will place that here if it’s amazing. It should read: Share some of you facts and we will place it here, if it’s amazing.
    Want a great website or blog, go take an english class!

  52. Less a comment, more a request. I have googled extensively and asked countless people, in vain. Who quoted Bismarck on politics as “the art of the possible” and added, “and the artfulness of the impossible”? Prime suspect is Oscar Wilde, but no. Yours with hope, Johannes Plesner